Adhesive Glue

One of the finest range of solvent-based rubber adhesives to suit a variety of Furniture, Foam, Mattresses, Carpeting and Upholstery applications. These products are result of careful formulations using top quality additives and culmination of decades of experience.

  1. All-purpose rubber adhesive for applications that demand very high bond strength. It is benzene free, fast drying and forms strong permanent bonds.
    Formulated to be used in heavy-duty applications like wood working and is highly suitable for other applications like foam, synthetic fabrics, leather, mattresses, automotive interiors and many others.
  2. Rubber adhesive especially formulated for footwear sole bonding and other related applications that demand higher tack time and bond strength.
    Uses include heavy-duty bonding requirements in leather, EVA, MCR and synthetic fabrics.
  3. Formulated for applications in foam, furniture and others where surfaces require medium level of bond strength. It is fast drying, displays good bonding properties and gives better economies.
  4.  Multi-purpose contact adhesive for surfaces that require low bonding strength and where cost saving is a key requirement.

We offer the one of the best quick adhesive Fevi Kwik, used in multi ways.


  • Fast setting – therefore faster production on assembly line
  • Excellent bond for a variety of surfaces
  • Ready to use product, no mixing required
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Small area is sufficient to get strong bond
  • Solvent less adhesive
  • Bonds Plastics, metals and rubbers, glass, china and dissimilar substrates

Applications Areas:

  • Making rubber “O” rings of various sizes from a length of rubber cord, joining broken cassette tapes, repairing broken plastic parts of two -in -one, transistor, radios, T.V., VCR, etc
  • In Automobile industries it is used for bonding rubber beadings, handle grips, decorative parts, rubber gaskets on metal, plastics knobs and lever etc
  • It can be widely used in flex of vinyl sheets to metal frames in flex banners and hoardings etc
  • It can be used in manufacturing of acrylic gift items, POP materials and table top display items

Directions for Use:

  • For best results ensure that surface is free from rust, dust, moisture, oil and grease
  • Do not spread adhesive with fingers.