Adhesive Spray Gun

With rich industry experience and support of highly skilled quality experts our organization is engaged in providing a wide range of Adhesive Spray Guns to our valuable clients. Our guns are used for automobile spray painting and for easier cleaning of the body; these are provided with a non-stick coating. These high-pressure spray guns are provided with sharp stainless steel nozzle and needle that enable the guns to be used with water borne and solvent based products.

A range of manual and automatic spray guns specifically designed for use with solvent, dispersion and 2 component adhesives. Although the spray guns used for adhesive application are externally similar to the ones used for painting, the mechanics differ.

  • Specially designed needles and nozzles are used to meet the specific requirements of adhesive application.
  • Modified gaskets and spray gun bodies are utilised and a wide selection of differing air heads are available to allow a wide variety of spray patterns.

These spray guns have been specially developed with the adhesive manufacturers and are matched exactly to the characteristics of the adhesive in order to offer the perfect application technique. That both boosts process reliability and reduces material consumption.

In the case of 2 component guns the adhesive and activator are fed through a separate nozzle which means that mixing takes place in the spray jet. This eliminates the possibility of activation within the gun and any resulting blockages. In addition to adhesive applications these guns are suitable for most 2 component processes that require an additional mix to activate the material. Spare parts and repair kits are available for all spray guns in our range which allows for modification as well as replacement of worn parts.


  • Realizing high-quality paint film by optimum spraying paint volume
  • Stable air flow vastly realizes the prevention of air pressure lost
  • Reduction of paint consumption, and small air consumption in saving energy