One of the most common problems people experience when it comes to their mattress is the infestation of bed bugs. These tiny creatures can cause skin rashes and skin lesions. In addition to that, many health problems have been associated with close contact with bed bugs.

Needless to say, you have to keep your mattress clean and healthy all the time. Here are some tips on how to solve mattress bed bugs issues:

1. If your mattress has already been infested by bugs, you should consider getting a new mattress. If you don’t have the budget yet, you can try buying an inexpensive mattress topper and a mattress cover instead. You can find a lot of mattress covers that can seal bed bugs in the bed and prevent them from infecting other parts of the mattress. Seal your primary bed using the cover and just place the mattress topper on top of it.

2. You can find a lot of bug solutions in the market. Spray the product all over the mattress. This will help ward off bed bugs. Provided that your mattress has not been infested by bugs yet, you can use this treatment. Just remember to spray the product once a month to maintain the cleanliness of your bed.

3. Many people do not like using mattress covers because many covers are made from uncomfortable plastic sheets. If you can’t find comfortable covers, you can just use the plastic cover to protect your box spring. This will prevent bugs from climbing to the topmost part of the mattress.

4. Try making your own bug repellent. Lemon juice seems to be a good cleaning material. It also helps disinfect the mattress and get rid of mattress odor. Just mix one cup of lemon juice with a cup of warm water. Place the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray it all over the mattress.

5. Keep your mattress clean all the time. Use a vacuum cleaner with a high efficiency particular air filter. This will ensure that invisible dirt particles and bugs are removed from the surface of the bed.

Also replace bed sheets regularly. Clean your bed sheets using a fragrant detergent. You can find laundry detergents infused with aromatic oils like lavender. They work well in warding off dust mites and bed bugs. Purchase those types of cleaners and use them specifically to wash your bed sheets and pillow cases.

There are many different types of specialist adhesive tapes, which together have hundreds – if not, thousands – of different uses. It can therefore be difficult to understand, which is the best type to order for your requirements. Some of the main tapes which hold special properties are:

Double-sided tapes

These tapes have two tacked sides, which make them ideal for sticking two surfaces together if they are not going to be attached by the edge, or if you do not want tape to be visible. Double sided tape is a hugely versatile tape which is available in various widths, colors, thicknesses, and with various adhesives and withstand various ranges of temperature, with peaks of up to 160ºC. The more common double sided tapes are suitable for lightweight application, but much stronger varieties are available for specialized use.

Foam adhesive tapes

These often offer water tightness and are therefore found in seals on doors or windows. Foam tapes used in this way will also help to keep the heat inside and are therefore sometimes used to make homes more energy efficient. Their cushioning properties make foam adhesive tapes ideal for areas with movement such as doors, where they may be required to expand and flatten. Foam tapes can be bought with single or double sided adhesive.

High temperature tapes

High temperature tapes have a very specialized target use. Generally working from temperatures from -70ºc up to 180ºc, high temperature tapes are used on circuit boards, for insulation and in the aerospace industry.

Anti slips tapes

These types of adhesive tape are generally used for health and safety purposes. Their most common use is on the edge of steps or stairs, because their main property is their strong friction surface which works to prevent slipping. For extra visibility, and therefore extra hazard awareness, they are available in yellow and black, and glow in the dark colorings.

Glass/surface protection tapes

These are often bought in wider rolls than other tapes, as they are designed to cover larger surface areas. Glass, wood or carpet can be protected with the appropriate protective adhesive tapes, and they are commonly used for keeping windows, floorings, work surfaces or kitchen units clean and undamaged during redecoration, construction or DIY projects.