Clinching Gun – C-Ring / Hogring

Pneumatic hog ring gun. Uses 1/2″ C ring 16 Ga.

Being a customer oriented organization, we are highly engaged in providing a wide range of C-Ring Clinching Gun.


  • Small mesh, poly, and fabric bag closure
  • Automotive seat and upholstery; seat springs, suspension components, fabrics
  • Bungee or shock cording attachment to rings, bits, or other devices
  • Closure of oil or fluid absorption socks
  • Securing of cargo netting
  • Securing of netting to live traps or pots for shellfish, eel, mink, birds, etc.
  • Securing of small diameter automobile or machinery controls

Product Detail:

Name Hog Ring
Specification 11RG40, CL50, C45
Gauge 11ga
Crown 45mm
Point Sharp
Material Galfan
Business Type Manufacturer and Trading Company
Customized Customized


1600PCS/box, 120 boxes per pallet. 24 pallets per container


Fencing, Furniture, Case, Fence Wire, Bedding and so on.