Corner Springs

Head to Toe

The Infinity Head To Toe configuration offers two independent levels of firmness and comfort tailored to independent sleepers. Head To Toe options also avoid the need for zip and link products.

Shoulder to Shoulder

Areas of the Infinity Spring Unit are zoned to offer the correct levels of support over the length of the mattress, ensuring a perfect sleep posture is maintained. Product comfort and pressure relief is further enhanced with up to seven zoning possibilities.

Perimeter Edge Zone

Perimeter edge support gives a firm edge feel to the mattress and helps to reduce perimeter sagging of the mattress. A further advantage is a reduction of edge roll during sleep.


  • High Efficiency
    LR-PS-HX-DS (Dorsal seal) up to 70 springs/min
    LR-PS-HX-BS(Bottom seal) up to 75 springs/ min
  • High Stability , Low malfunction rate , Low rejection rate
    CE-Conform ,International standard components
  • Elective bottom seal or dorsal seal
  • Unique patented computerized coiler (computerized numerical control system /CNC) / Coiler is full-controlled by servo and without cam / Easy and quick to change the dimension of spring by only changing the parameters in the computer
  • Saves up to 15 types of springs in different dimensions / produces different springs one by one continuously
  • Cutter to divide the pocket springs into rows automatically (except bottom seal)
  • Intelligent sensors can check malfunctions all the time / Display replica watchescorresponding alarm on the HIM duly / one operator can run several sets of LR-PS-HX alone
  • Unique patented spring conveyor design increases productivity and efficiency
  • Compact design / mechanical conveyor are controlled by servo / Accurate motions
  • Very operator user-friendly non-woven joint device / save time and non-woven
  • Ultrasonic horn is made of Titanium / Durable and Firm
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Spare parts are“off the shelf”