Handle Making Machine

The mattress handle strap quilting/cutting machine equipment adopts multi-needle chain-stitch sewing head, mechanical heating and cutting. Feed continuously with whole winding and form automatically by binder.This machine which includes the functions of multi-thread sewing and cutting is special equipment in mattress industry.


The handle strap width:


The sewing thickness:

6mm  max

The space of the four thread:

 6.4: 32 : 6.4 mm


5000~6000mm/min (about 20~25pcs/min)

Working table size:

1500mm × 1200mm

Power supply:

single-phase, AC220V

Total power:


Note: Replacing the binder will change the handle
strap width. It is better to add or subtract with the
times of 6.4mm.

Handle Making Machine 2


Mattress handle sewing machine is a specialized equipment for mattress handle Making. It is characterized with multi-needles chain stitch, retral pulling roller, feeder, finished winder, synchronous action and convenient operation. It is one of the important mattress handle making sewing equipments.

Sewing head Multi-needles chain stitch
Automation Automatic
Working table 1200 x 600 mm
Handle strap width 50 mm
Rotary speed Max. 3000 rpm
Sewing thickness  less than 4 mm
Sewing speed 3000 stitch/min
Total power 600 w