Quilt Penal Cutter

This machine is able to cut out Quilt penal 90 degree or exact measurements, thus eliminating wasted materials and saving production costs. this machine will not only economical, but it is also easy to use and efficient.A Dolphin, apart from Manual End Cutter, Automatic End Cutter. there specification here under.


Quilt thickness of Cutting 1 mm to 50 mm
Blade dia 6 inch round blade
RPM 1400 RPM
System Manual / Automatic return
Width 80 to 110 inch
Motor 250 watt/50hz.
Auto return with A/C drive controled/ With long handle.
Blade sharpening Manual with grinding stone.


1. Cross cutting
2. Rrim Margin (Border cutting)
3. Slittering
4. PLC control. Panasonic touch screen.
5. Two models for choose to cutting.
6. Motors with gearbox.
7. Self-sharpening scissor type trim blades.
8. Capable of cutting quilted panels up to 80mm thick.
9. Meets CE safety directives.
10. High speed electronic motor.
11. Electronically controlled accumulator motors.
12. Touch screen control with industrial quality control system.

Parameter(Unit mm):

  Thickness   3-80
  Weight   1500kg
  Trim Margin(Border cutting)   800-3200
  Slittering   160-3200
  Crosscut   300-3200
  Cutting speed   5m/min
  Power   1.7kw
  Rated voltage(AC)   380V/50HZ  220V/60HZ
  Dimensions L*W*H   4000*2890*2155
  Length of feed-out board   2440