Tape Edge Sewing Head – Chain Stitch 300 DU

If you are wondering why you should buy the tape edge machines then you should know that these are mainly useful for making the spring mattresses, soft pads, sleeping bag, sofa, etc. One can also sew wall cloth and front surface fabric with it.

The advantage of using them is that they can work on the sewing track at any fixed point in time. The tape edge machine with lock stitch head has been equipped with hanging rotating power supply that ensures the machine keeps on sewing. A knee lever can be used to control the speed and sewing process of the machine.

This machine is most essential for completion of any kind of mattress. The machine is used to attach the top and bottom to the border using a self tape or a woven tape. The machine employs a double lock chain stitch sewing head (specially modified) for the sewing operation. The sewing head with a specialized alternating presser foot system feeds extra thin fabrics to extra thick quilted panels very easily.


300 DU (Dolphin)
chain stitch
   Stitch per minute
   Thickness of quilt
5 mm to 50 mm
2 Threads, polyester
   p. foot hight
19 mm max.
   P. foot lifting


1. Auto oil lubrication Tank
2. Heavy Duty For Mass Production
3. User Friendly
4. Less Maintenance & Long Life


1. Adopt the advanced process design.
2. High rigidity machine body, perfect protecting equipment and steady-going control system.
3. 360° Quilting and limitless multi-span and independent quilting.(can do tack and jump patterns)
4. Steady running, high speed, low noise, very thick material with precise quilting.